Press’s Trusted Bitcoin Tumbler Brings Crypto Anonymity to New Heights

With dangerous forms of blockchain analysis on the rise, the necessity of creating a shield of anonymity for your crypto investments has never been greater
CoinsauceOctober 24, 20187 min

Despite the overwhelmingly positive news coming out on a daily basis regarding the future and adoption of cryptocurrencies, one glaring and obvious fact remains completely omitted: cryptocurrencies are not anonymous, and government agencies, cybercriminals, and other bad actors know this and are taking advantage. has developed and opened a trusted Bitcoin tumbler service for the benefit and protection of cryptocurrency investors around the world.

You may be asking yourself how exactly governments and cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of the anonymity missing from cryptocurrencies, and the answer is simple. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, and Bitcoin, are all blockchain-based digital assets that, when transacted in any way, record all of the transaction details to the distributed ledger (another name for a blockchain). This recording is permanent and contains all of the information an agency or cybercriminal using blockchain analysis would need in order to view your entire financial history including wallets, addresses sent to and received from, and more.

Tumbling is the only defense against blockchain analysis

The only defense against such analysis is the scrambling or tumbling, of your coins’ origins in a way that makes them untraceable. This is where comes into play. The bitcoin tumbler works by taking your deposited coins and mixing them along with other coins in a pool. The system then sends your new, untraceable bitcoin to the receiving addresses you’ve specified and with a programmable time delay to further confuse and ward off blockchain analysis.

Clients can deposit their tokens into one of three pools: Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. The Alpha uses a client-to-client coin deposit system whereas the Beta pool utilizes client coins, investor coins and private reserve of coins back by This enables the Beta pool to handle larger exchanges.’s most blockchain resistant pool is, however, the Gamma pool. The Gamma pool is exclusively backed by private reserve funds and investor coins, which enables to guarantee the origins of coins in the Gamma pool. Blockchain analysis has no recourse in trying to detect coins and transactions that have been tumbled through the Gamma pool making it the most secure option available on the market for anonymizing your coins today.

Regardless of which pool option is chosen, bitcoin tumbler ensures that coins issued from any of the three pools pass anonymity checks with flying colors. In this way, hackers will be unable to target and thieve your coins and governments will be unable to make your real-world ID accountable for your bitcoin wallet.

To ensure the best user experience possible, has developed a Mixing Strength Meter which allows clients to gauge the strength and accuracy of their mix. For an in-depth, tutorial on using the trusted Bitcoin tumbler, watch this short video.


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