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Blockchain may be seen as serious and complex, but like all things it also has its fun side
Azeem SaifiOctober 31, 20184 min

Over the years, blockchain has brought a great deal of innovation to the world. Amidst the hype, several ventures were created that seemed to be pointless (and funny!). Well, we want to share it with you guys! Let’s have a look?


  1. Mining Monero by breathing

Photo by: WeDoTech

As strange as it may sound, there is an interactive exhibit called Breath (BRH). The sole idea of this initiative is to use spirometry for mining coins.

The users (or miners) are required to breathe into an instrument which measures their lung capacity and then according to their breathing rate, the machine will be correspond by mining Monero. It literally means you can breathe and mine your favourite token! Now if we look at it practically, the exhibition is good enough to stir up the momentum for blockchain adoption, but it holds no significance on its own.


  1. Cryptocurrency to counter religious corruption

We would have never thought about it until recently, when a group of devout “Buddhists” decided to launch a digital currency called Karma Coin to thwart corruption from religion.

The developers aim to implement a real-world concept of the “Buddhist Economy”, where it can be accumulated and spent in ways “helpful to the Noble path”.


  1. Track your meat from birth to dinner plate

Here comes another milestone. You must have heard about supply chains built on the blockchain, but this one is out of this world! A turkey producer is literally using the technology to record the life cycle of turkeys produced on their farm.

So basically, if you buy a turkey which was raised on the producer’s farm, you could view how it looked like as a poult (baby turkey). Just enter the unique tracking code online and you are good to go. The history of their upbringing is maintained in the form of pictures as well as texts provided by the farmer.

Honestly, it is amazing and probably pointless at the same time, unless you are pushing for a meat-free agenda.

Azeem Saifi

Journalist and Blogger. Azeem has a keen interest in blockchain technology and he frequently writes about different applications and services to make the general public aware of blockchain's extensive utility in daily life.

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