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Most of Tron's DAPP transactions actually come from gambling platforms (some estimates up to 90%)
Chong SiongMay 29, 20193 min

Raise your hands if you bought Bittorrent Token (BTT) when it was offered on Binance’s Launchpad. If you did, you probably had Tron’s Justin Sun to thank. With returns of 300% minimum, even if you bought from the open market (and not during the initial offering), there’s no way not to be a fan of what Tron has become. Infact, we wrote about Tron, late last year.


Putting other DAPPs platforms to shame

While many projects (such as EOS for example), have raised massive amounts of money – they still failed to keep up to Tron’s massive DAPPs count. Admittedly, most of Tron’s DAPP transactions actually come from gambling platforms (some estimates up to 90%).

That, and Tron’s rather massive DAPPs userbase (of about 30,000+ users), kind of makes it attractive at the moment, because why wouldn’t gambling and trading applications NOT make money?


Own a piece of Bittorrent, just by being a believer

As if the massive potential of TRON’s DAPPs wasn’t enough, Justin Sun had to also go out of his way to acquire Bittorrent, and issue Bittorrent Tokens, where each month, a portion of the tokens would be distributed via airdrop to TRON token holders.

One can’t help but to question the motives behind this generosity but also ask – how many projects out there actually pay a regular dividend? The answer is probably “few to none.”


While we may not be investment experts (nor qualified to be one), we maintain that TRON looks like an interesting investment – one that easily rivals EOS. Its current price also indicates a huge potential upside.

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