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No doubt Justin Sun could be China's answer to the unknown frontier.
Dare ShonubiJune 14, 20195 min

While the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto may never be identified, his project – Bitcoin, has been enormously successful. This is highly unusual as most life-changing inventions in recorded history, which included the Internet, electricity, and the steam engine, had figureheads dubbed as inventors. It was as if Bitcoin was designed to propagate and thrive through decentralization.

However, there’s no shortage of “messiahs” that came after Satoshi Nakamoto, and they had no trouble with fame – this includes the Litecoin creator himself, Charlie Lee, Ethereum’s Vitalki Buterin and now, Tron’s Justin Sun. Justin is often hailed as a visionary, in his home country, China. For one, he’s not a stranger to making big headlines. Recently, Tron announced that it acquired Bittorrent for a whopping US$140 million!


Alibaba of crypto?

Justin Sun founded TRON, not too long ago – and today, TRON (TRX) is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, consistently retaining its position as the Top 15 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Currently, TRON is listed on countless exchanges, and commands a legion of hardcore fans due to its solid road map and strategies.

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In addition to recently purchasing Bittorrent, with plans to integrate TRON’s token into the Bittorent platform, Sun has been busy growing TRON’s use-case. It owns and operates a Bigo/Twitch-like app called Peiwo – which allows for users to meet like-minded friends, watch talent shows and live streaming. Together, these two platforms alone are expected to draw hundreds of millions of users to use TRON’s token.


Strong backing, powerful marketing machinery

Perhaps one of the most overlooked factors that led to TRON’s success is that they have the backing of multiple crypt-exchanges, as well as Binance, the world’s biggest crypto-exchange currently. After all, it is generally an open secret that trading volumes are not influenced by use cases of the token but by pure speculation – by traders and exchanges. In addition to carrying the honorary title of “hype-king”, TRON’s Justin Sun is hands-down, a maverick marketer. There’s just no shortage of news about TRON. One day, he could be shaking hands with Alibaba’s Jack Ma, and another, he’d be meeting famed billionaire VC, Tim Draper. If there’s one thing speculators love to trade on; they are definitely rumours!



There’s no denial that TRON checks all the positive points of being a superstar cryptocurrency – which seals the fact that Justin Sun is probably a genius (and visionary). Strong trading support, legions of loyal fans, working products and expanding uses cases all point to TRON potentially having a bright future.

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